Sempreverde Biogermogli® specializes in the artisanal and natural production of  "functional foods",  rich in beneficial properties and protective for the body.

It is the only Italian company that produces gluten-free crackers based on oil seeds and vegetables, with a raw food process.


Private Label

We offer our experience in the study of bars that enhance your special raw materials.

The characteristic that distinguishes us, in addition to the quality of the product, is the possibility of producing small batches with the customer's brand (private label).

The artisanal and dedicated production of sweet bars and crackers of high functional quality, is ideal for:

  • gyms that wish to personalize sports products on their behalf
  • hotel chains with personalized offer of snacks
  • foreign distributors / resellers
  • producers of raw materials (ex: spirulina, hemp, moringa, dried fruit)
  • commercial companies of high-end food products

For price list and to request sales conditions contact us at:
+ 39 3487485956