The company

Sempreverde was founded in 2011, in a small town by Lake Iseo (Brescia), at first cultivating organic sprouts that are now a very popular. Due to the particular nutritional characterisitcs, these sprouts are considered SUPERFOODS. The extreme attention to the quality of the harvest makes us farmers who love what they grow and who care about every detail.

"Our company is a family-owned business : I and my children continuously generate ideas and develop projects in order to imrove our products and offer the best to our customers. With Love". 

Danila Barbetti


Years of passion for healthy eating allows us to continuously explore innovative food options created and treated artisanally. 

Since 2015, we have been proposing a selection of RAW, FUCNTIONAL AND FREE FROM FOODS. By using sprouted whole millet (sole company that sprouts millet) and sprouted buckwheat processed at a low drying temperature, we have created a selection of feshly made high-end energy bars and crackers with natural protein derived from oily seeds and organic vegetables. The process is completely GLUTEN FREE, RAW AND VEGAN.

Our values

  • We believe in the importance of preserving a proper diet and propose a dietary plan that is outside the intensive industrial food cycle.
  • We innovate by studying functional foods that not only eases hunger but also have the characteristics required to deeply nourish our body in a healthy.
  • We believe in caring for our territory : our cultivation has a minimum environmental impact.

Sprouts : why are they important?

Sprouts are a miracle manifesting itself before our eyes. They grow through a series of biochemical processes occuirng in a seed that comes in contact with water (no soil is required). Each seed contains an “embryo”, or a miniatuarized plant that grows and releases many nutritional properties such as enzymes, vitamins, proteins, trace elements, Omega3, and so on and so forth. All this takes place during the germination process. They are much richer and nutritious than grown vegetables and dried legumes that we are accustomed to cooking. For this very reason, the sprouts are best consumed raw so that our body could absorb all the health benefits they have to offer.

After a few days of periodic watering, the sprouts are then ready to be consumed. They are washed, dried and stored in a refrigerated room for preservation, guranteeing fresh products in total compliance with the sanitary requirements. 


What are Functional Foods?

Functional foods are fresh or processed foods that are naturally rich in molecules with beneficial and protective properties for the organism. These properties are important in our daily nutritional practices because when inserted in a balanced diet, they promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease.  

Raw foodism

Raw foodism is a diet based on natural foods, without alterations by industrial processes or heating. It is important to cosume raw or dried food as much as possible, because the cooking process destroys the enzymes that are naturally present in foods, forcing our bodies to produce their own digestive enzymes with great use of energy. The enzymes produced by our bodies are also not as effective as those found in food. The cooking also destroys the vitamins and microorganisms useful to invigorate the intestinal flora, and lowers the pH of the foods, making them acidic. The body, instead, prefers alkaline foods because if the acidity is excessive, it is more prone to disease. 


Raw food is also alive and therefore full of vital force that the body requires. The fatigue and heaviness of those who consume cooked food is due to the fact that they are not able to give the body the vital energy that it needs. To give examples: a raw seed germinates unlike a cooked seed. A plucked fruit continues to ripen while a cooked fruit that is left uncosumed for a few days tends to rot.